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Creatives in Augmented Reality

Creatives in Augmented Reality

Creatives in Augmented Reality Enterprises (CARE) is giving you the opportunity to become:

  • – an Augmented Reality (AR) developer,
  • – gain internship placement with Creative Enterprises,
  • -product development , seed funding and business incubation for your creative idea.

Apply for this year’s CARE cohort via https://bit.ly/CAREstudent

Venue : Kumasi Hive, behind Mizpah Vine School,Kentinkrono-Kumasi

Date : 24th August – 20th September, 2018

Only 20 spots are available.

Deadline for application is 20th August 2018.

Successful applicants will receive full scholarship covering registration fee and training fee .

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!!!

Supported by the British Council

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