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Volunteering With GhScientific At The UG Careers Fair

Volunteering With GhScientific At The UG Careers Fair

The 3-day Career Fair organized by the University of Ghana Career Counselling and Placement Centre brought together different companies. On offer were products and services including internships, national service placements, volunteering opportunities and curriculum vitae clinics,  just to mention but a few.

GhScientific had the opportunity to be a part of the Career Fair and the team was made up of very exuberant and hardworking volunteers who gave it their very best, including myself. We had to talk to the students and in fact everyone we came into contact with, to convince them to come on board since being a member of GhScientific had a lot of benefits (I can testify).

Some of those we approached were very difficult and reluctant to join even after talking for several minutes about the many benefits. The exciting aspect was that once someone signed up, that fellow got to pick from a raffle to receive whatever item he/ she picked. The giveaways included lots and lots of stickers (Google, YouTube, Chrome, smiley faces, Android, etc.), notepads, google pens alongside normal pens, notepads, google sun glasses and many more.

There were ultimate prices which were won by answering a general knowledge question or a question related to one’s course. The interesting thing is that those who were reluctant to join were the ones who won the bigger giveaways. At one point in time, I personally thought of not giving them the bigger giveaways because of the difficulty they took us through to sign up. However, a deal is a deal so we had to give out what the person picked from the raffle.

The students and all who came around thought GhScientific was limited to only science students. However, we made them understand that it was open to all disciplines and the necessary clarifications were made where necessary. As at the last day of the career fair, the number of names we had entered into the system were about 250 and the ones yet to be entered exceeded 100 meaning an estimated 350 new members. As we were working, we also took time off to visit other company stands to enroll in their projects and know the products and services they also had to offer.


It was a very exciting and wonderful experience working with people from different backgrounds and possessing different temperaments. We also enjoyed free cowbell drinks throughout and it was fun since it looked as if the ladies (I personally) were favored and given multiple cups at a go while the gentlemen were “bounced”. We are considering making this a topic for a social research project. All in all the career fair was educative and working with GhScientific was lovely, marvelous, entertaining, productive and many more nice attributes. We all look forward to working with GhScientific more often.

A gallery of pictures is available here

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