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Value in Volunteering

Value in Volunteering

The value in volunteering among Ghana and African youth has been the argument at many gatherings past, present and future. The claim of gross unemployment problems on the continent is attributed by some schools of thought to the unwillingness of the youth to take advantage of volunteer opportunities as a means f developing their skills.

At a week long career fair organized by the Careers and Counseling Placement Centre of the University of Ghana, it became clear that there was passion and readiness on the part of students to volunteer. This is evidenced by the group of volunteers during the career fair for GhScientific who exhibited some level of qualities including; passion, eagerness to learn, experience new challenges, readiness to make a difference and desire to influence society.

My expectations were exceeded for the short period of the Career Fair. Firstly, there was healthy and sound communication between the GhScientific staff and the volunteers; respect was shown on both sides. Staff did not make derision of our intelligence, rather encouraged us to step up. Moreover, there were organized tasks and display of teamwork which enabled us to chalk up some success. Idleness was absent from the side of the GhScientific personnel and volunteers alike, allowing us to cooperate. Obviously there was massive submission to the personnels’ supervision.

Lastly,  we enjoyed refreshments which motivated us to work all day with joy. To sum it all up, student turn out at the GhScientific stand was much encouraging. They were welcoming and sober to listen to what GhScientific is all about, although some will not sign up. Students largely patronized the ideas and packages of GhScientific based on the values, objectives and goals.

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