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Tremor in Accra: Fault lines active, prepare for earthquakes- Geological Service warns

Tremor in Accra: Fault lines active, prepare for earthquakes- Geological Service warns

The Ghana Geological Survey Authority is warning an earthquake is imminent following strings of tremors that shook parts of Accra.

The latest tremor was experienced in parts of the capital Sunday morning at about 7:50am.

It lasted a few seconds but shook buildings causing a little scare to residents.

Joy News reporters Latif Iddrisu and Joseph Ackay Blay who live around Ablekuma and Kasoa respectively and experienced the tremor, reported it was worrying.

According to Latif, the foundations of his building shook for about 5 seconds.

“I heard the tremor. I heard the sound. The entire building shook as well. This last lasted for about five to six seconds. This is not the first time. I felt the same thing about a month.

“So in two months I have experienced this twice,” Latif reported.

“I felt the building shake. I was a bit scared….So I quickly rushed out and met my siblings who were asking if I experienced what happened,” Ackah-Blay narrated his experience too.

The Geological Survey Authority says signs picked up show that the fault lines are active which means that an earthquake can occur at any time.

Senior seismologist Nicholas Opoku says there is cause to worry.

“We should be scared if where these events are occurring have human exposure, buildings and societal activities.

“We have been talking about earthquakes all these while. The fault systems that give rise to these earthquakes are active and they can give a big earthquake in future which can be disastrous.

The Geological Survey Authority has begun an assessment to determine the magnitude of this latest earth tremor.

Mr Opoku called for the evacuation of people living in earthquake prone areas and turn those areas into recreational facilities.

“If we don’t build there at all we have low risks,” he stated.

His warning comes at a time when residents living along the Kasoa ridge in Accra have been asked to evacuate following potential threats of mudslide, and earthquakes.

They are yet to move.

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