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The Best Data Bundles

The Best Data Bundles

The cell phone has become arguably the most widely used device in the 21st century. In the last two decades, the mobile phone has evolved from a single-purpose device to a sophisticated mini-computer.  From the famous Nokia 3310 to the iPhone 11, we clearly see the epic journey of cell-phones from making and receiving calls to having inbuilt with features that make life easier for its users. Many of these added features require data to be fully utilized making it imperative for users to always have access to the best data bundles.

Telecommunications service providers are arguably one of the biggest profit-making entities following the upsurge in the use of mobile phones for both phone calls and internet supply. There are five telecommunications service providers in Ghana; MTN, Airteltigo, Vodafone, Glo, and Expresso.With many providers now making the move to 4G, MTN, Airteltigo and Vodafone are currently the leading providers in the country.  Each service provider in Ghana aims at being the best and most patronized by mobile phone users. This competition has led to the introduction of different packages for the use of internet and talk-time known as ‘data bundles’.

During the presentation of the 2019 Mid-Year Budget Review by the Finance Minister, it was announced that beginning October 1, all mobile phone users in Ghana will be charged a levy of a 9% when they buy airtime for internet or phone calls. The Communication Service Tax (CST) previously pegged at 6% and now increased by 3% is to help the government build a viable technological ecosystem in Ghana according to the Minister.

This increase means that for every GH¢1 of recharge credit purchased, a 9% CST fee will be charged leaving the user with GH¢0.93 for the purchase of products and services. The levy imposed on mobile phone users has caused a stir in the country as a vast majority of the citizenry are being affected by the sudden tax increase. The question that even becomes more pertinent to the increase is which service provider has the best data bundles. In the remaining part of this article we review the various data bundles of the major telecommunication networks in Ghana for readers to peruse and identify which of them is more suitable.

Internet and call Bundles


Best price: Based on just the amount of data offered per cedi, the best bundle on MTN is the GHC3 for 500mb which gives the highest per cedi rate.


Best price: Based on just the amount of data offered per cedi, the best bundle on AirtelTigo is the GHC20 Bigtime Bundle. In addition to it being the best per cedi data rate, you get the innovative “No Expiry” package only from AirtelTigo.


Best price: Based on just the amount of data offered per cedi, the best bundle on Vodafone is their ‘hourly bundle’ which offers you 500MB per every cedi you pay.

What Is The Best Data Bundle

When it comes to hourly bundles, Vodafone has the best offer however since AirtelTigo never expires, it takes the crown for best daily, weekly and monthly bundle.

AirtelTigo also provides the most flexibility with its special bundles such as the Bigtime Bundles with no expiry,  sikakokoo, fuse bundles and night packages. MTN gives the best combined call minutes + data packages with its Mash up Bundles.

Nonetheless, there are other factors to be considered when deciding which network to get your data from such as coverage, speed and reliability. However if you are only interested in which network gives you the most data for every cedi spent, that will be Vodafone with its hourly package of  500MB per 1ghc bundle.