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Terrific  Scientific  Busters Easter Camp

Terrific Scientific Busters Easter Camp

It is almost Easter & Terrific  Scientific  Busters have a fun packed (virtual) Easter Camp in store for your little professors (5-12 years).

TSB Easter Camp is designed  for children to get practical with science, have fun & engage in  science from the comfort  of their home! In 3 sessions (1 hour per session) children will take part in experiments  (directed live by a science instructor) and engage   in exciting  activities including making a  bath bomb (they can gift to you). Materials will be provided by us!

To register follow the link:https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=3bcK9CnJEUG1blwLhwQp91qE8QDfRk9KuHfWL-ThRExUMExESkZUOUhYSlgxWFdaUzVWMExWM1hTSC4u..


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