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STEM Weekly Round-Up: Bringing life back into dead brain and more

STEM Weekly Round-Up: Bringing life back into dead brain and more


Scientists restore function in a dead brain

For the first time, scientists have managed bringing life back into dead brains. With a new system, neuroscientists have restored some cellular and molecular function to the brains of pigs that had been dead for four hours.

Two Ghanaian brothers build a functional aircraft after watching youtube videos

The Wright brothers changed the world with the invention of the aeroplane which opened the world for aviation to begin and advance.

Inspired by this feat, two brothers in Ghana, Isaac Otoo and Jacob Larbi, have built a light aircraft using local materials.

The Sharks quiz enters the quarter finals with 8 schools remaining.

The fun-packed competition involves two competing schools at a time, each with four students and an alternate who can be substituted at any time in the competition. Team-work plays a key role as each school can feature a unique blend of Arts, Business and Science students.

Brain stimulation reverses age related memory loss

Stimulating a precise location of the brain’s memory center with electromagnetic pulses improves the memory of older adults with age-related memory loss to the level of young adults, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study.



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