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Square The Circle

Square The Circle

The world was a floating white mass, tucked between cupid wings in a celestial frame. The sky was light and clear; filled with winged creatures. Even the phoenix. The soil was rich in the fields and roots grew firmly in them. The leaves of trees were so green and high above our heads, it made the silky clouds a forest on its own. The sea was a sapphire blue and the sight of its luscious waves refreshing. The atmosphere was filled with the fragrance of flowers, and of rain. It was all so pure and beautiful.

But we have taken the magic away from the earth. Slowly this earth will fade, and us along with it. We are the change in the atmosphere – the harmful fumes from the industry and the smoke from fossil fuels. We are the creeping illness that wrap our lungs and our rib cages. We are the sharp edges of chain saws that bring down giant trees, the providers of oxygen. We are the makers of acid rain and destruction of limestone. We are the excavators that break down the crust of the earth; and create fissures on its surface. We are the floods and quakes that sweep away our belongings and bury us alive. We are the healers of own destruction and the seekers of the cure of the ailment we create.

We are peeling off the protective layers of our atmosphere. Sooner or later we will come to realize that each ripped film is a portion of our wellbeing, a gem in our hearts. In the end, when we are looking through loupes at diamonds and carving wood for comfort, our bodies shall weaken and our hearts shall fail. The branches of great trees will suspend in surrender and burnt leaves will fall mockingly at our feet. Until we hold hands together to put up a fence around this treasure of a globe that we have, the future of our home would fade away like the sunset, leaving behind no blazing trail from which we can remember what once was.

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