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The spark that lit the explosion of STEM in Ghana

The spark that lit the explosion of STEM in Ghana

For every story told there is a turning point, a pivotal moment that can be referenced as the make or break point. This is true for fictional stories as well as historical stories, and when the story is told about the advancement of STEM in Ghana, that pivotal point will be Saturday 25th March 2017.

History in the making

On this day, while some mourned at funeral grounds and others celebrated at wedding receptions, 18 personalities were huddled together in the basement of the Museum and Science and Technology. A fitting location considering that the purpose of this meet was to revive a lost passion for STEM in Ghana. The kind of passion that once led Ghana to create one of the largest man-made lakes along with the construction of the Akosombo Dam and to play around with the idea of nuclear power generation.  These individuals have been working in isolated pockets all across the country until a recent turn off events brought to bear the need to collaborate.
The individuals present were from international organisations such as The Exploratory and Lab 13 to student led initiatives such as Practical Science Initiative and Africtec. We also had among us one of Ghana’s very few female ROV pilot technician. It is fair to say, we are a mixed bag of people enthusiastic about STEM and the variety would have been greater if the 32 other members of the group were in attendance.

An insider’s perspective

Believe me when I say there are interesting times ahead for STEM in Ghana. There is a Coding Party, the Science Barcamp and a one-district One factory design challenge all happening in the second quarter of the year. There are science communication workshops in Accra, expansion of STEM clubs in Ho and an exciting project from Mobile Web Ghana taking advantage of infographics in the 3rd quarter.
For the last quarter, the whole network is coming together to create something for STEM in Ghana you will never forget, so watch this space.
As a network, we are made up of people who have proven in their individual spaces to be proactive and results oriented. As such, at the end of this meet were clear action points which will promote collaboration and ensure that the outcomes of individual projects are not short lived.
From ideation and building capacity among students to prototyping and building science businesses, we have members everywhere along the spectrum of support that STEM in Ghana needs. Together we are positioning ourselves to facilitate the change we all seek.
So if you have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, you need to keep an eye on us. If you identify as a proactive doer, then get ready to jump on the train because we are not slowing down and we could be coming your way soon.

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