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We have designed a list of services tailor made to increase your capacity to deliver on the job or get your foot into the door. So whether you are an early career professional, recent graduate or a student, there is something for you. Have a look at what we offer and send us an email at info@ghscientific.com/gh

Career Counselling

One-on-one career counselling sessions to help you make the most of now and chart a course for yourself

CV & Cover Letter Clinic

Have your CV reviewed by an expert in your chosen field and receive one-on-one feedback to help you get your foot in the door. Also learn how to write an impressive cover letter

Submit your CV


Do you need a second opinion, an objective perspective or simply someone to dot your i’s and cross your t’s? We have you covered

Statistical analysis

Want to know the best way to draw conclusions from your data? With years of experience in statistical analysis, we can be that friend who is a maths ‘shark’.

Skills training workshops

We spoke to the employers and put together some workshop packages to equip you with the skills they are looking for. Some of our workshops include:

  • Word for long documents
  • Presentation skills
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Effective time management
  • Working in an organisation

Keep an eye out for upcoming training sessions and reserve your spot or complete an inquiry form for more information

Volunteer placements

Do you want to build up your CV, simply give back to society or experience life outside of your usual circle? Speak to us, our expansive network of volunteer based organisations may just have something for you.

Internship opportunities

Are you wondering how to get that much valued experience every employer requests? Taking on a short internship is your answer and we can help you find it

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