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Robo competition to help enhance knowledge in robotics

Robo competition to help enhance knowledge in robotics

Over the last decade, robots and automated devices could only be seen in Sci-Fi movies and industrial applications. In the wake of the 4th industrial revolution robots have become mainstream and popular at home, school and even recreational sites.

However, Africa has not been left behind. One company making giant strides in changing the phase of Africa’s education is a Ghanaian educational technology (EdTech) start-up, Khalmax Robotics.

Khalmax Robotics is a Ghanaian company, born out of the passion and enthusiasm of its founder Frank Khalid Limann, a Physics graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

As someone who is passionate about technology and its ability to transform Ghana’s economy, Mr. Frank Khalid Limann is determined to impart his skills in robotics and Artificial intelligence to the younger generation so that the talents and interests of Ghanaian students can be identified and harnessed at early stages.

“I once chanced upon a study that revealed Africa is 70 years behind the rest of the world in terms of education. This means while the rest of the world is in 2019, African education is practically operating in 1949!” Mr. Limann explained.

“Our vision in Khalmax Robotics is to bridge that gap between Africa and the rest of the world through technology. Our robotics project is aimed at empowering students to apply the knowledge they acquire to develop automated systems that can solve real life problems and improve services in agriculture, health, education and other sectors as they have fun.”’

By collaborating with schools across the country, Khalmax Robotics specializes in training students from 8 years and above to create and build problem solving robots from electronic waste and other discarded items.

Source: Ghana Web