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Promoting STEM in Ghana

Promoting STEM in Ghana

Promoting STEM in Ghana is integral to our continued development. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) has been recognized worldwide as key to promoting innovation, creativity and problem solving. The first president of the country; Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, had a great appreciation for the role that STEM in Ghana could play towards development. Ever since him, it has been down hill form there, however this is about to change. A new wave of people and organisation have come to appreciate the importance of promoting STEM in Ghana. This has led to an increase in the number of projects and initiatives seeking to empower people already in the field. Many also seek to encourage more students to pursue their studies within the field.

The talk below was delivered by our Co-founder Dr. Thomas Tagoe at TEDxAccra 2016 and highlights one approach which anyone can be involved in.

The Shaping Healthy Attitudes and Protecting the Environment (SHAPE) project was designed to given students the opportunity to design innovative solutions to health conditions with environmental triggers. Supported by the Wellcome Trust and in collaboration with the Ghana Science Association, the project brings together a total of 102 students from 16 Junior High Schools. Teams have also been paired with undergraduates and STEM professionals to increase the impact of their projects. In the same vein, it also allows students to interact with persons who can serve as mentors.

The project which will have its final closing ceremony in October 2016. Students have so far had workshops led by professionals from Google and have been interviewed by the Joy News Generation crew. They have also embarked on a number of field trips for data collection. in line with the content of the video above, we have given student experiences which will help shape their decisions.   It is our hope that the SHAPE project will continue to support, guide and mentor students in STEM.

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