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Presenting GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: SABINA DOSU, Akwatia #GH4STEM

Presenting GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: SABINA DOSU, Akwatia #GH4STEM

Teaching science has long been a part of Miss Sabina Dosu’s life, but it took a while for her to realize that it was what she was actually meant to do. Now, she has the dream of becoming a lecturer in a science-related course and is working hard to make it a reality in the next few years.

Miss Dosu is an award winning STEM teacher at St Dominic RC Basic School where she teaches over one hundred students and has been teaching for the past twelve years. Thanks to her excellent teaching skills, she is one of the most sought-after teachers. She has to take other classes and also teach students in different schools. Although the pressure gets overwhelming, Miss Dosu manages well and lets her love and passion for her job drive and motivate her to keep going.

At a tender age, Sabina enjoyed watching the National Maths and Science Quiz and was encouraged by her role model and then headmistress of Tepa MA JSS, Madam Patricia Aidoo, who ensured that she took her studies in science seriously.

Sabina initially thought the only occupations available for a science student was to either be a doctor or a nurse. While in senior high school, she led study groups and always taught her friends. After school, she worked at various hospitals with the aim of entering Holy Family Nursing Training College, but she lost interest and spent the rest of the time helping her friends prepare for the Nov/Dec exams. It was then she realized her true calling as a teacher and decided to train professionally for the job.

Sabina finds that teaching STEM is a wonderful way to help students learn how to identify problems around them and most importantly develop the discipline of finding solutions to these problems. She believes the solutions that are derived from STEM are revolutionary and have a great impact on world development. She makes it a point to let her students know that the careers in science are not limited to the medical field. She also encourages them to be inspired by technology and innovation just as she is. 

After seeing the JUNEOS challenge on TV, Miss Dosu encouraged her students to participate  and they accepted the challenge. The program has taught her new ways of getting students more involved during the teaching and learning process. She is overwhelmed at how critically the students can think when given the chance. She believes the students have also learnt to merge their creativity with science and innovation and want to be a part of everything programmed under the JUNEOS challenge.

Source: wegoinnovate.org