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Presenting GH4STEM 100 ChangeMaker: Dr Angela Tabiri, Femafricmaths #GH4STEM

Presenting GH4STEM 100 ChangeMaker: Dr Angela Tabiri, Femafricmaths #GH4STEM

FemafricMaths stands for Female African Mathematicians. FemafricMaths believes that when women in Math gather, amazing things happen! 

Their aim is to shine a light on inspirational women in the world of math in Ghana and beyond. This inspirational initiative aims at debunking the common notion that math is difficult. The platform also show young girls all over Ghana and Africa that a career in math is achievable if only they would believe in this and work towards their goals. The remarkable thing about FemafricMaths is that it goes beyond the female agenda giving room for young men to show how they are using Math to solve everyday problems as well.

By presenting such innovative and inspiring #Mathqueens, advanced in the knowledge of maths, FemafricMaths is erasing the misconception that people studying math can only turn out to be teachers at the basic education level. In fact, from their various initiatives, like ScienceSlamGH and interviews with renowned women in the mathematical space, it is evident that Math can be applied in a plethora of ways. 

For these reasons, FemafricMaths summarizes its mission as “To inspire young people about the diverse career choices available after completing a degree in mathematics through interviews with #Mathsqueens and school outreach activities”. Its vision is “to see young girls become confident to choose a career in mathematics related fields”.

So, if you’re a young girl interested in a career in Math, be sure to watch the video above, then connect with FemafricMaths on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and let them help you explore your career options.

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