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Meet GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: Abednego Bondzie, Asikasu #GH4STEM

Meet GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: Abednego Bondzie, Asikasu #GH4STEM

At a very early age, Abednego Bondzie made the decision to become a science teacher. The decision was made with the hope of filling a void he wished no student would experience after he had to cope without a science teacher for a long time in his school. Rather than lose interest in the subject while not having any teacher, Abednego grew to love science and immediately made his way to the teacher training college after completing senior high school. He is now a science and mathematics educator.

With two years of teaching experience, Abednego feels very fulfilled and is motivated every day to give his very best to his students. He is inspired by his own challenges as a science student and by his students who persevere regardless of their challenges. He teaches close to eighty students at the Asikasu Methodist School. He is forever grateful to his science teacher from primary school who made science very easy for him. 

Although he is not yet a member of any STEM organization, Abedego was lucky enough to hear about the JUNEOS Challenge through a friend who went on to help him get involved with the program. The experience for him was very important because of the fact that like him, the students had not been exposed to practical demonstrations in STEM as early as they should have. From his experience, the practical aspects would only start in senior high school and Abednego believes that would be too late, and it would be a challenge to get the students fully involved in science.

Participation in the JUNEOS Challenge gave Abednego the opportunity to learn how to do more research and utilize any available material for practical sessions with his students. For his students, the experience of being part of the Challenge has been exciting and has increased their interest in STEM. Abednego intends to maintain and grow this interest using everything he has learnt from the Challenge.

Abednego had an issue with the Challenge, and this was that the length of time  given to prepare for it was too short. Apart from that, he believes that everything worked very well. He feels that JUNEOS should consider giving schools more time for their experiments to produce better projects.

Because of the JUNEOS Challenge, Abednego has been exposed to some STEM organizations. Prior to the challenge he was unaware of the existence of these groups. Now, he plans to join and to interact more with other STEM educators. The opportunity will help him network more with STEM educators and more importantly, to learn from them.

Abednego would love to be a part of the JUNEOS Challenge again mainly because of the impact it has had on his students and how their perspectives on STEM have improved. He hopes the initiative will get more exposure and sponsorship.

When he isn’t teaching, Abednego loves to watch the programme, “The Pulpit” on television and he is inspired by the messages of Archbishop Duncan Williams

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