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A Day In The Life Of A Medical Officer At A Community Clinic

A Day In The Life Of A Medical Officer At A Community Clinic

Name: Dr. Ernestina Helen Bioh

Qualification: Bsc Human Biology, MBCHB

Secondary School/s attended: Archbishop Porter Girls’ – Secondary, Takoradi, Ghana

Tertiary Institution/s attended: Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology

I got into my current job as a medical officer by opting to serve in a suburban area following my mandatory internship after medical school. I felt it would give me the opportunity to contribute my quota in bridging healthcare disparities with regards to access and quality of healthcare
especially in rural and suburban areas.

My day usually starts at 8:15am and I honestly don’t know when it ends. As a medical officer and the only doctor at post, my hours vary. For instance. today, I got to leave at 7.15 pm because I had to see a series of emergencies and I ‘luckily’ got called back at 9:o’clock pm to see another case.

On a typical day, I get to work then start off by seeing some cases detained overnight. I then attend to pending administrative duties like receiving surveillance reports or reports on community outreaches. I start consulting around 9am then will finish outpatient consulting at 2pm. I stay around to finish up pending reports and see some emergencies till about 5pm or all is clear for me to leave.

The best part of my job is meeting random (people I can’t recognize) out of work, who share how I helped make their children better. Such moments are priceless.

The worst part of my job is seeing a child die because of delay in seeking medical help.

A memorable moment I have had … I can’t narrow it down…all those moments I advocated for a girl to remain in school, stood up against abuse of women… contributed my quota towards empowering girls…helped make a child or a critically ill person better…all those moments remain memorable.

Outside of work I love volunteering with groups, engaging in fund raising activities for humanitarian causes, inspiring girls and oh..I almost forgot.. baking!

My advice is to keep your dream in focus. Seek for mentorship and advise but ultimately live out your dream and passion.. To me, rejection, in the pursuit of one’s goals is a beautiful… it just allows you to stop and refocus..but no matter what you do…hold on and pursue the goals you have set for yourself.

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