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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

ArtistAlbert Nii Nortey Dowuona

“In Loving Memory” is a composition of layers of images and information published during the 2014 Ebola pandemic. These images and information give the general public an insight into what happened in the Ebola-infected areas. The images include how the health workers were adorned with protective gear which was beautifully displayed on sticks after use. They also include the mass graveyards for those who died and how the graveyards were filled with white wooden crosses.
The installation takes the form of the physical structure of the Ebola Virus which could be best viewed from the top through the opening right above the installation as if one is viewing through a microscope. It is believed that the discovery of the structure of the Ebola virus gives an insight into how the virus works which in turn may accelerate the discovery of effective treatments and vaccines. The form was represented with 132 of approximately one (1) foot high white-painted wooden crosses with gloves hanged on each wooden cross representing work done as they joined to form the shape of the Ebola Virus. They also include freehand-drawn obituaries and printed information of selected facts on Ebola stuck to the floor close to the feet of the crosses. The obituaries are some of the medical personnel who got infected and or died from the Ebola virus.
Medium Installation