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Impact of Public Engagement With Science

Impact of Public Engagement With Science

Earlier this year, GhScientific in collaboration with the GhanaThink foundation provided a snapshot of what science enthusiasts in the country look like at the first ever Science Barcamp. There were big-shots with inspiring thoughts and hot-shots who reveled in the connections made. There were even little-shots getting an early education in the value of science. We had video-shots and camera-shots capturing the Science Barcamp from angles that will make an experiences photographer proud. Then we had group-shots and selfie-shots because no event is complete without them. The day was filled with all kind of shots including what we are serving you now, snap-shots of experiences and feedbacks of which you can also read an excellent review at The Gamelian World (the only shots missing are usually served in 25ml glasses or delivered via barrels).

Harry Akligoh, Undergraduate at UHAS

Scicampgh being the first of it kind in the country was an event I was yarning to attend at all cost. Again, hearing also that it was an event that was going to bring all scientists and science enthusiasts in and out of Ghana together, I had told myself there was no way I was going to miss this program. The experience for me was rich. I had the chance to be mentored by some of Ghana’s finest scientist like multiple grant winner Dr. Patrick Arthur, Dr. Elsie Kauffman and Dr. Gloria Ivy Mensah. The event in itself was a success and I personally ask that it becomes period event and a decentralized one of course so that the Ghanaian science community in every corner of Ghana can participate. I am glad to be one of the few students who have be impacted and I kudos to Ghscientific and all who made scicampgh a success.

Kofi Iddrisu, student at GIS

Today at science barcamp I discussed how to encourage more students to do science and how to use science to make a business venture. I networked with lecturing scientists and came up with practical solutions to solve problems. I will continue to study hard towards my A-levels, do community work and hopefully shadow some doctors, biomedical engineers and researchers

….and as promised, a snap-shot of some views expressed at the end of the Science Barcamp in a nice little Prezi

Screenshot 2016-02-01 19.18.21


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