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Home Test Kits You Should Have In Your Medicine Cupboard

Home Test Kits You Should Have In Your Medicine Cupboard

first published in the Daily Graphic 13th October 2015

Long working hours, family commitments and social engagements sum up the weekly routine of today’s average individual. At the center of the hustle and bustle is YOU. How many people however incorporate a health MOT into their routine? After all, cars get road worthy checks, machinery’s get serviced, and students get regular assessments. So why not ensure first and foremost that you are in good health.

Like the many changes taking place to incorporate the busy live styles of today’s individual, the health sector has not failed to keep up the pace by the introduction of several point of care tests and devices which can be purchased over the counter as home test kits.

Remember to always seek medical advice as point of care or home test kits are not designed to replace the health care professional and of course, these are never a 100% efficient. With the issues of fake products on the market, results from these home test kits should always be confirmed by a professional.

We’ve put together a list of useful home test kits worth having in your medicine cupboard.

Blood pressure

Medkit2Blood makes up approximately 7% of the body’s weight and is essential for the body’s function. Blood dysfunctions are associated with several life threatening conditions, many of which silently creep up on you so it’s imperative to regularly check your reading. While there are ideal readings for various age groups, other factors can define one’s reading. What’s important is knowing what is normal for you and be able to spot any changes in your normal blood pressure reading.  Blood pressure monitors can be purchased in almost all pharmacy’s’ and prices are fairly reasonable.


Medkit3You wake up with a headache, feeling feverish and general weakness. In our part of the world your first thought will probably be malaria. Could it be a sign of tiredness or did that mosquito get you last night before you killed it. Malaria self-test kits have been on the market for some time now and you can save yourself the anxiety by running a quick test at home. Again you should always seek medical attention.

Pregnancy and fertility

Medkit4Here’s one for the ladies. Whether you are trying to conceive or want confirmation of life in the womb, there’s a test kit for you. Home testing pregnancy kits means pregnancy’s no longer need to be confirmed by blood test. Simply purchase your test kit from any licensed pharmacy and in a few minutes youhave your confirmation in the comfort of your home.  More advanced brands can now give you an estimate of how far gone you are.

If you are trying to get pregnant and your home pregnancy test is positive, great! If it’s not the news you’re expecting, you can now purchase home fertility test kits for men and women designed to test male fertility and female ovulation. You may just need to move from spontaneous love making to scheduled sex on a timetable.


Medkit5The stigma associated with STD’s means many people are reluctant to get tested even at clinics. Advances in healthcare means you can now purchase a number of STD home test kits and use in the privacy of your home. Mind you, should you test positive, as always you’re advised to seek immediate medical attention.   These have been available in selected countries with high HIV cases such as South Africa and earlier this year, the HIV home testing kit went on sale in the UK to encourage more people check their status. Other STD’s with home test kits on the market include chlamydia and gonorrhea.


Medkit6The prevalence of diabetes in Africa is on the rise and for years many people with the condition were not aware. Although there is still not cure it can be managed and patients with the condition can still enjoy a good quality of life. The key to the management of diabetes is one’s blood sugar level. A simple needle prick test and a drop of blood on a strip will tell you what your blood sugar level is. Whiles these kits are available for diabetics to help monitor and control their blood sugar levels, they are available to be purchased by the general public.

Have you ever used a home test kit? What was it for and what’s your verdict, Yeah! Or Nah!?

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