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Where Are Ghana’s Science Bloggers ?

Where Are Ghana’s Science Bloggers ?

With the exposure of the internet, penetration of mobile technology and proliferation of social media came the beginning of blogging. Paperbacks, newspapers and print appeared to be under threat as sites like wordpress and blogger made it feasible for all persons to pencil down their thoughts on matters of interest for the internet to see. While many had and some still have their reservations on the state of the blogging scene in regards to credibility of content and the threat to professional writing and journalism, it has certainly created a positive impact on many subjects less talked about by the general public. One of which is Science and Ghana’s Science Bloggers are taking it up on themselves.

While many will be quick to fish out gossip on the latest celebrity scandal, we’re not as keen to read about Darwin and the discovery of dinosaur bones. Thanks to the internet and blogging Scientific content can now pop up on your timeline or feed and maybe just out of curiosity, a 1 second click may lead onto a 5 minutes blog post read.

We searched the web for Ghana’ s Science bloggers and this is what we found…..

Green Ghanaian Initiative.

A blog on Environmental Science and Keeping Ghana clean

The creative green map of Ghana with what I describe as a dancing leaf was the iconic logo that first caught my attention on the Green Ghanaian webpage. If only Ghana were green…. (I can think up a hundred and one sentences to complete the sentence) – This is what the green Ghanaian blog has set out to achieve, “sparking green conversations”.

 The green Ghanaian initiative is run by Akua Akyaa Nkrumah with blog post contributions from others. Akua Akyaa is an Environmental Technologist by profession with a desire to engage and encourage Ghanaians to think green and contribute to resolving the nation’s environmental challenges.

Some of the popular posts on the page include Why I Don’t Believe in Clean Up Exercises and Ghana vs Climate Change: How Prepared Are We?

Visit the Green Ghanaian page and join the conversation.

Think Think

A blog about Science in Sub-Saharan Africa.

So the name doesn’t give anything away but the Think Think blog hosted on wordpress was set up in 2013 by an adventurous Dutch girl with a chemistry background living in London who decided to sub-let her accommodation and travel to Ghana to make a film about Science in Sub-Saharan Africa. When I stumbled-upon the blog, this caught my attention – “If you live in a place where you are lacking specific resources, you would have to be extra creative and innovative to do whatever it is you want to do. A superabundance of stuff is not necessarily beneficiary in a problem-solving environment”.

Juul captures some of the experiences along her journey in Ghana and blogs about them on her site. Read her overview here and stay tuned for the documentary on MULTIVERSE Ghana.


The perfect name for the perfect blog celebrating Women in Science.

She goes by the name Larissa Bowen-Dodoo. A young engineer and teaching assistant at the University of Ghana. The levers in heels blog was incepted about a year ago with a focus on showcasing the diverse women in STEM Careers. Readership has been well received and no doubt the blog like Thursday’s child has far to go. In the course of the year levers in heels has inspired many through the selection of featured interviews on women in various STEM fields including a female Amphibian Biologist. Now how many ladies will want to hang with frogs? With levers in heels the ladies get their hands dirty too. Considering a career in STEM, then check out some of the Levers in Heels role models here.

Pakar Erst Revealed

Arguably Ghana’sonly physical science blog.

Owned by Dr Patrick Kobbina Arthur, Paker Erst Revealed is a science blog which has been active since 2010. The blog has evolved over the years and the quality of content has been maintained as Dr Arthur shares insights on core aspects of Biochemistry and the chemical sciences with the occasional general posts on Ghana. Dr Arthur is a research scientist at the University of Ghana with a passion for public engagement with science. If you’re in the mood for some hardcore Scientific content or deliberating a Science career in Ghana, then stop by Pakers Corner and you’ll be inspired.

The Gamelian World

Science, Technology, Education and everything in between.

The Gamelian World is a blog run by Environmentalist and Science teacher Gameli Adzho. The blog has been active since 2008 and summarises the author’s interest in science, technology and education. Aside the scientific content, the blog also captures experiences, events and opinion pieces. Recent Science posts include Making Science Education More Practical in Ghana, The PEN-GAST Experience and The Citizen Science Approach to Research: Report from GW4 Workshop, Bath.

Ghana Health Nest

Reporting on health news

With a lot more focus on health than science, a special mention goes to Kobby Blay of Ghana Health Nest for his continual efforts to promote health news in Ghana. Kobby is a mental health nurse by profession and arguably the leading voice of health care news in Ghana. Through his blog and web page he delivers on this claim by serving the followers with breaking health news and up to date content. Ghana Health Nest is definitely a blog to follow. Visit Ghana Health Nest for your health news and information.

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