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A day in the life of a FISHERIES OFFICER

A day in the life of a FISHERIES OFFICER

Name: Rev. Michael Mensah Kodie

Qualification: MSc Extension and Livelihood

Secondary School/s attended: Obuasi Secondary Technical School and Tema Secondary School

Tertiary Institution/s attended: College of Renewable Natural Resources – Sunyani; Data Link University College – Tema; University of Ghana – Legon.

  • I got in to my job by gaining employment as learner Technical Officer on the 1st February, 1985 just after ‘O’ Levels in 1984. Whilst in the job at Tema Harbour I enrolled into the Six-form in Tema Secondary school and completed 1987. On the 1st February, 1988 I was confirmed and Permanently Employed into the Fisheries Department as a Fisheries Officer (Technical Officer Grade II) and rose through the ranks to Zonal Fisheries Director for Dangme East Zone in 2014. I was able to take study leaves to further my Education for knowledge upgrade in: 1). Natural Resource Management, 2). Business Administration (Acct. Option) and 3). MSc Extension & Livelihood Study.


  • My day usually starts at 7.00am and ends at 9.00pm including responsibilities as a Reverend Minister in The Apostolic Church, Ghana.


  • On a typical day,  I  visit  farms  to offer Technical support to the Fish Farmers, base on my schedules for the month, I monitor the Marine and Inland Fisheries activities by visiting Landing beaches, meet Chief Fishermen on issues to Promote sustainable Fishery.I am also responsible for organizing training for Fishermen, Fish Processors, Fish Farmers and Potential Fish Farmers on Fishing gear Technology improvements, improved ways of Fish Processing, aquaculture establishment and Development, Business Management and Records keeping. There is alot of planning and preparation that goes into each trainingSince I am in charge of all Fisheries activities in the Dangme East Zone (Ada East and Ada West Districts in the Greater Accra Region) I provide all services require by the District Assemblies in my Zone and any other service from my superiors. I also supervise the activities of the Fisheries Staff in my zone. I undertake many field visits in response to calls to address urgent and important issues that are faced by Fish Farmers, Fishermen and the Post-harvest Fishery. Due to this, no two days are ever the same for me. 


  • The best part of my job is training and Extension delivery services to Fishermen, Fish Processors, Fish farmers and the public.


  • The worst part of my job is Government demands on releasing offenders who are to face law fully to protect the natural resources. As a fisheries officer I find this undermines my efforts and that of my colleagues


  • A memorable moment I have had was when I was attacked by some fishermen who wanted to kill me because of arresting illegal Fishermen in Akplabanya. Thank God I survived to tell the story


  • Outside of work I read Christian books, spend quality time with my family and do research on responsible Fishing both locally and globally to upgrade my skills and knowledge as a fisheries officer. I also dedicate time to counselling and Pastoral duties.


  • My advice is that we need to educate the public with science and research findings because Education is the only legacy that remains in man after all that was learnt in school has been forgotten. Experiential learning is Key to positive growth

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