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Evolution of Science

Evolution of Science

On October 8 2018, GHScientific announced the receipt of £87,600 from Wellcome for our historical science and arts project dubbed “Evolution of Science”. With exhibition day drawing closer, we take a look at the progress so far.

Evolution of Science has brought together local artists and scientist to represent Ghana’s research journey via paintings, sculpture and photography. It will be used as an outreach and engagement tool to provoke conversations as well as an appreciation of scientific and medical research in Ghana. Local artists were engaged to employ their creative skills to manifest this crucial aspect of our history through the use of varying visual formats and presentation styles.

RSVP on egotickets.com and be a part of the first Ghanaian art exhibit bringing together history, research and a dash of local creativity. The Evolution of science art exhibit will be launched on 9th December with participating artist and scientist in attendance and will be open to the general public till the end of the month.


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