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Evolution of Science: Meet the Artists

Evolution of Science: Meet the Artists

Evolution of Science has seen some of the countries adventurous creatives come together to collaborate with researchers who have contributed to the advancement of science and medicine over the years. The collaboration will see these key moments in the evolution of science immortalized and exhibited 9th December 2019.

Allyne Mamattah

Allyne is an artist whose art speaks before him. When asked about his motive and inspiration, he had this to say;

Creativity happens when you connect things.
Thus, I am an open-minded and tenacious visual artist; who is utterly keen on capturing idiosyncratic energies and aesthetically telling impactful stories via the lens.

Portia Selorm Agbo

Portia Selorm Agbo is a Creative Arts instructor, Social entrepreneur, and Graphic Designer at Deep Creative Arts and Project DTA. At Project DTA, she trains pupils in Fine Arts ( pencil Art, watercolour work, painting), Graphics, Crafts, Reading and Writing, Poetry, Performing Arts( Drama, Music and dance). The hidden potential of pupils are identified, and their skills are developed through continuous practice. They are equipped with leadership skills and empowered to lead a positive change in their communities. The purpose of this training is to use Creative Arts as a tool to promote culture and community development in Ghana.

Robert Commey

Robert Commey was born in Accra,  Ghana and lives and works in Dansoman.  He works with pyrography, graphite but mostly works with acrylic medium. His works are a fusion of expressionism and textile design. Commey’s works are mostly influenced by the Ghanaian wax print, personal and social lifestyle of his community. In his works he captures emotions and social issues.

Albert Nii Nortey Dowuona

Albert is an artist who lives and works in Accra, Ghana. He likes to explore with materials that have with them “voices” or “narratives” where he employs them into narratives. These materials come as every day and already-made items; the potter’s wheel, fabric, newspapers, audio-visuals, and popular musical tunes.

For the Evolution of Science art exhibition, he is working on an Ebola. Albert Nii Nortey Dowuona seeks to memorialize the paramedics that helped to fight Ebola – their contributions and their sacrifice. This will be done by consstructing 132 pieces of wooden painted white. Each cross will have a glove on it and I will used them trace the shape of the ebola virus.