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A day in the life of a SCIENTIST – IN – RESIDENCE

A day in the life of a SCIENTIST – IN – RESIDENCE

Name: Alexander Adadevoh

Qualification: Bsc. Biochemistry

Secondary School/s attended: Akosombo International School

Tertiary Institution/s attended: University of Ghana


  • I got in to my job by some of sort of recommendation to Rick, the founder of ignite (the organisation in charge of setting up and managing creative labs known as Lab_13 worldwide). I then followed up with an email and got the Job after an interview with Rick and his colleague Fran.


  • My day usually starts at 8am and ends at 4pm (Work hours are flexible though).


  • On a typical day, I run practical science sessions (as part of a team of about 4 – 6) with public and private school pupils (ages 8 -16 years). These sessions include activities that are designed by myself; making use of low-cost and local (easily accessible) resources, to engage the students (in the form of student-led investigation) to find out solutions to questions from their syllabus or out-of-the-box questions all in the aim of encouraging them to be curious, creative and think about the world they live in. Essentially, we make them scientist at a young age. There is usually an enormous time that is associated with preparing these lessons. The preparation process includes but not limited to research, gathering of resources, testing of the lessons, structuring and planning of the lessons and usually documentation of the lesson.


In addition to these lessons that are usually delivered at the schools, there are various ways we engage the students further in various projects that continue to build and develop their creativity through various DIY projects that range from basic engineering to programming. These extensions take place during events we have dubbed Vacation Clubs, Saturday Clubs and Science Competitions.


The teachers are not left out. On some days, we organize certain training workshops for the teachers to provide them with the skills to include these practical approaches in their general lessons. These workshops are aimed at encouraging the teachers to adopt the practical science approach in their lessons.


Other roles that come in the day have to do with administration and management. I usually provide advise (together with the advisory board) to continually shape the project and monitor the activities we are engaged in so as to ensure that we are making up for shortfalls and building our strengths. I also monitor the budget expenditure.


  • The best part of my job is designing these lessons: I enjoy the research aspect that comes with it – As I get to educate these students, I get to educate myself. I also like the fact that I can exercise my creativity when designing these lessons


  • The worst part of my job is the cumbersome nature that is associated with moving all the resources needed for an activity to schools and traveling on very dusty roads to schools in communities that are very remote. On such roads, I do have my hair all covered up in dust.


  • Outside of work I read and practice Music (piano, song writing and choir directing)


  • My advise is everyday provides you the opportunity to be better, to learn something new, to spot an opportunity and to create a change. Just go out there with all the positive energy you can garner and be the difference and change you can be.


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