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Name: Harry Akligoh

Qualification: Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science

Secondary School/s attended: Keta Senior High Technical School

Tertiary Institution/s attended: University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho.

  • I got in to my job by realizing that I loved to analyze and think about nature. By analyzing and thinking about nature I realized I wanted to enter into a profession that would enable me to engage in all the exploits nature can provide me by thinking on my feet while using my brain, eye and the hand coordinates. Therefore, I settled for a degree in Medical Laboratory Science. This was a program that made me understand what I studied in junior and senior high school several years ago in science. I had the chance to understand and do research that could save lives and inform medical decisions in the hospital.


  • My day usually starts at 7:30am and ends at 5:30pm


  • On a typical day, depending on the department in which I am working in the laboratory, I have to disinfect my work place and log the quality control charts in the lab. After all the quality assurance measures are taken care of, I begin work for the day. In the lab where I work, there are several departments including, venepucture (phlebotomy) section where all types of samples for analyses are collected; Clinical chemistry, in this department, I process patient sample and analyze for enzymes as well as hormones for diagnostics purposes. Again, I work in other departments such as clinical virology, microbiology and haematology respectively. In all these departments I work to produce test results that aids the medical doctor/physician to provide evidence based diagnosis to patients that visit the hospital with various disease conditions.


  • The best part of my job is producing evidence based lab results that is used in saving the life of patients who need one health service or the other, ranging from cancer treatment to malaria infection control.


  • The worst part of my job is having to work manually on patients’ samples in other to generate lab results that can be used in their diagnosis.


  • A memorable moment I have had was during first few days at work where I had mistakenly given the lab result of a patient to another and had to salvage the situation by phoning in who I had mistakenly dispatched the lab results to in other to rectify the anomaly on my side. After having faced this situation, I vowed to pay attention to details as my profession requires it.


  • Outside of work I love volunteering and learning new stuff through freelancing. I also enjoy running projects on science activities for junior high school students through an organization called Practical Science Initiative (PSI) which I founded during my third year in the university.


  • My advice to young people is that life presents each one of us with opportunities every day. You’ll need to prepare yourself daily through your actions and in actions in order to grab and utility these opportunities. Also, as young people let us always let these words inspire us; “The lion always wakes up knowing it must outrun the slowest gazelle to survive and the gazelle wakes up each morning knowing it must outrun the fastest lion in order to survive.”

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