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A day in the life of a DIETITIAN (INTERN)

A day in the life of a DIETITIAN (INTERN)

Name: Kipo Attawa Rebecca

Qualification: Dietician

Secondary School/s attended: St Francis Girls Senior High school – Jirapa, UW/R

Tertiary Institution/s attended: University of Health and Allied Sciences – Ho, V/R

* I got in to my job when I was posted by the national service secretariat to do my national service/internship

* My day usually starts at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm.

* On a typical day, when I report to work, the day starts with very brief meeting with my head of department and other colleagues in the department to review the previous day’s activities. I then proceed to the ward to attend to my clients. In the ward I manage medical conditions with diet therapy. I counsel patients/clients on special dietary modification based on one’s nutritional status, medical condition, age, culture and social group. In the ward, I do not work in isolation but team up with the other health professionals as a result I do appropriate documentation of nutritional diagnosis and intervention given to every patient for other members of the team to access. After I am done with ward rounds, I then attend to other patients/clients at the out – patient department and other special clinics. I do all necessary documentations and that brings the day to end.

* The best part of my job is when patients/clients who come for my services and seeing how they are broken down and at the end of my intervention they leave with smiles all over their face and showering all the blessings on you.

* The worst part of my job is after I have placed an intervention, done everything possible to manage a patient’s condition and has given the patient all the hopes that he/she is going to get well and then I come back the next day but the patient’s bed is nowhere to be found and I ask the nurses “where is (patients name)” and I am told he/she is expired (dead). At that moment I feel down hearted.

* A memorable moment I have had was when on my usual morning ward rounds I met this little girl and her mum who came for one of their weekly reviews after they were discharged. This little girl run to me and hugged me and said thank you Auntie and her mum said “she mentions your name always at home she wants to be like you” I had chills all over me at that moment and I can never forget that day when such a little girl could appreciate your service and see you as a role model when you least expected it. Outside of work I involve myself in bead making I do this most of my weekends. I also read articles in my area just to keep myself updated on what is happening in my line of work. I offer my services during medical outreaches and other voluntary works.

  • Advice: “The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that is actually possible” – Joel Brown. This is one of my favorite quotes. We can achieve our dreams if we keep trying and belief that is possible. Never give up on your dream. Never limit yourself because you think you do not have the resources to make you achieve your dream. Just stay focused and keep trying. YES YOU CAN. You will get there one day.

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