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Day 8: Dr. Rachid Yazami

Day 8: Dr. Rachid Yazami

In honour of Black History Month we will be recognising notable contributions to the STEMs from people of African origin. Today we recognise Dr. Rachid Yazami.

Born in Morocco, Dr. Rachid Yazami is best known for his research which was principle in the development of current long lasting lithium ion batteries. He completed his PhD in 1985 and has since worked as a researcher in multiple countries including France and USA. His work has contributed to over 200 published works and produced over 50 patents. He is also responsible for the ‘Yazami Battery Theorem’ which puts forward a theory about the energy states of batteries.

Dr. Rachid Yazami has been a research associate for the French National Centre for Scientific Research where he later on became director. He is currently the director of Battery Programs at the Energy Research Institute in Singapore. Aside from his main research goals he has started companies responsible for developing and commercialising novel equipments and components including one which seeks to make use of the principles of thermodynamics to investigate battery power and life cycles.

Dr. Yazami is the president of the International Battery Association and a member of the International Scientific Advisory Board. His work has earned him awards from institutions such as NATO, NASA and recently he recently received the Draper prize from the National Academy of Engineering for his contributions to the field.


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