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Breathtaking ScienceSlamGh Comes Off With A Bang

Breathtaking ScienceSlamGh Comes Off With A Bang

On the 16th of February- 2019-two days after St. Valentine’s Day, dozens of academics went to show their love for the very revered field of mathematics at the University of Ghana. The School of Engineering Sciences was alive and lit with lots of cheers and applause from a very keen audience who had come to witness different presentations on the practical applications of mathematical models and principles in problem solving in different spheres of life.

The event dubbed ‘ScienceSlamGH’ was organized by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS-Ghana) in collaboration with Femafricmathsgh and supported by the University of Glasgow in Scotland. With a cash prize at stake, ScienceSlamGh comprised of ten presentations with nine presenters on a wide range of topics that showed the relevance of mathematical principles in daily life situations. Topics presented on included; the immune system Tuberculosis intervention and mathematics, the use of standard deviation principles in financial risk management, the use probability analysis to predict the winner of football games, and several other mind-blowing topics.

The presenters were mainly undergraduate and postgraduate mathematics students from AIMS Ghana and the University of Ghana. A paper-based voting was done by the audience to determine the best three presentations for the day, with the first award being a cash prize of ₵700, second place ₵500 cedis and third place ₵300 cedis. The best three presenters for the day were;

  1. First prize – Hezekiah Adewimbi and Salomey Addo from AIMS-Ghana who jointly presented on the use of mathematical models to understand quantity measurement in the home setting.
  2. Second prize – Nicholas Opoku, an alumnus of AIMS-Ghana who delivered a presentation on ‘the immune system, tuberculosis and mathematics.’
  3. Third Prize – Eugene Aikins from AIMS-Ghana who presented on ‘ machine learning, Artificial intelligence and mathematics’


Femafricmaths  is a non-profit organization of young people typically females in the mathematics arena across the country that organizes programs to showcase the importance and practical relevance of the field of mathematics to development of the nation. Science Slam is a science communication program organized by AIMS-Ghana in union with FemAfricmaths where presenters talk about an area in science in not more than 10 minutes. Presenters use props and slides to explain science concepts in layman terms.

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