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Black History Month Day 9: Environment360

Black History Month Day 9: Environment360

Today we celebrate Environment360, an organisation on a mission to get Ghanaians recycling and caring for the environment. We all know old habits die hard, so although environment360 have set out to educate Ghanaians at large they are working with schools to educate the pupils on recycling waste and the effect of the environment on health.

Environment360 engages with pupils by organising fun, educative and interactive projects designed to get children thinking about the environment and being green. They organise field trips to environmental friendly locations such as nature reserves, conservation sites and botanical gardens where the children can appreciate nature.   They also encourage the schools and other organisations to adapt a green culture.

With waste management being a major problem in the country, Environemnt360 is taking the first steps necessary to make Ghana green. Fast forward into the future when recycling becomes a part of life for today’s kids, they will mention Environment360 as their source of inspiration.

On day 9 of Black History Month, we pencil down Environment360 in our history book.

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