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Black History Month Day 6: Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation

Black History Month Day 6: Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation

On Black History Month Day 6, we recognise the Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation (GRAF)

From remote controlled toy helicopters to driverless cars and industrial machinery, the application of robotics is expanding into the future and Ghana is embracing the technology. The Ghana Robotics Academy was founded in 2011 with the aim of promoting hands on science through robotics workshops and competitions.

The academy like many other STEM organisations believes that if we (Ghana) are to stand a chance at contributing to scientific development, then our school children need to stop just writing and start building.

GRAF since 2011 has been running annual workshops and competitions, with the most popular being the Robotics Inspired Science Education (RiSE) Workshop where participants get to build and program robots to perform basic tasks. They also run vacation workshops where participants get creative with engineering.

GRAF are grooming our future engineers and today they earn their spot in our history book.


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