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Black History Month Day 5: Creativity Group

Black History Month Day 5: Creativity Group

Today on Black History Month Day 5, we celebrate the Creativity Group.

Creativity group is a student led organisation which emerged from the engineering department at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). The group provides a platform where students can explore practical applications of their theoretical knowledge. The group runs various public engagement activities which seeks to encourage practical hands on science and engineering. It’s only right that one seeks to find solutions to problems on their doorstep and this is what the creativity group hopes to achieve by tapping into the creative and innovative minds of students.

The Ghana Engineering Students Association (GESA) Makers Faire or GMF for short is one of such projects where undergraduate students at KNUST are invited to form teams of no more than 5 members and are challenged with designing innovative solutions to various challenges set.  Through the competition students get to experience first-hand the importance of cross disciplinary collaborations whiles coming up with novel inventions.

The creativity group has been operating since 2013 and now has a branch at the University of Ghana.

We look forward to seeing one of its student(s) come up with a world changing invention that makes it from the prototype stage to industry.

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