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Black History Month Day 30: Practical Education Network

Black History Month Day 30: Practical Education Network

Our Black History Month series is drawing to a close. It’s our penultimate entry and today we celebrate an organisation that’s tackling the lack of practical science education in our schools by addressing those in authority. The Practical Education Network (PEN).

PEN debuted in Ghana in 2010 with the aim of working closely with science teachers to develop low cost science activities for use in their lessons. What better way to steer change in the mode of education than through the teachers.  It is important that we invest in our teachers as they have a major influence and impact on the education of our young ones and this is the approach PEN is taking.

The introduction of hands on practical science in lessons does not only excite the kids but forms a solid foundation of understanding and has a lingering effect. This way, the children get innovative, creative and adventurous with their knowledge from an early stage.

Since the beginning of the program, PEN has trained over 500 teachers and has been involved in developing about 178 activities tailored to the educational curriculum. We can confidently say that with this approach, the future of science education in Ghana will be nothing short of excellent.

For this we celebrate the Practical Education Network as our penult mum entry in our Black History Month series as they earn their well-deserved page in our history book.

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