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Black History Month Day 29: Ghana Wildlife Society

Black History Month Day 29: Ghana Wildlife Society

It’s day 29 of Black History Month and today we celebrate the Ghana Wildlife Society.

Wildlife and Conservation are key elements of nature yet few appreciate their necessity in our world. The Ghana Wildlife Society is an NGO set up to promote conservation of our wildlife and their natural habitat and encourage research on wildlife and environmental protection and conservation. They also promote public awareness of wildlife conservation and run educational programs for the general public on their importance in the ecosystem and impact on mankind.

The society has clubs in schools where they hold conservation education programs to educate the students and the wider community on environmental and wildlife issues. Trips to nature reserves, conservational sites and wildlife habitats are organised for students and interested persons as part of the educational program. They also organise various workshops, durbars and talks to promote their message of wildlife and conservation.

If we are to conserve our wildlife, we need the expertise to advocate and advice on the cause. By educating our students and community on its importance, the wildlife society is ensuring that the knowledge and work stays on. For their commitment to this niche area of science we celebrate the wildlife society as they earn their place in our history books.


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