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Black History Month Day 28: Novan

Black History Month Day 28: Novan

We’re on to day 28 of our Black History Month series and today we celebrate Novan.

Novan is an organisation that provides educational and training programs designed to supplement the educational content provided to students, educators and researchers from the various institutions. They also provide continual development programs to businesses, industries and other private and public agencies.

We celebrate them as part of the Black History Month series for the content they provide to students. This year they are touring the country with MathRIX, a math summer camp designed for students where the participants get the chance to experience real life mathematics through practical challenges in a friendly competitive environment whiles having fun. There’s no doubt participants leave the camp with a math buzz.

Other programs organised this year include the Educators International Research Conference where professionals, organisations and individuals with an interest in education convene in a forum with unlimited resources and opportunities to discuss improvements in education whiles networking for growth.

For their commitment to education and particularly the investment in education of our young people we celebrate Novan as they earn their place in our history book.

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