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Black History Month Day 24: Ghana Planeteers

Black History Month Day 24: Ghana Planeteers

It’s day 24 of Black History Month and today we celebrate the Ghana Planeteers.

I believe almost everyone from today’s generation will be familiar with the popular Sunday evening cartoon ‘Captain Planet.’ That’s the inspiration behind the Ghana Planeteers, protecting the environment by running hands on environment friendly programs. The mother organisation of the Ghana Planeteers club is the Captain Planet Foundation, a USA based charity who support the practical education of children on protecting the environment by providing grants and educational materials.

The club in Ghana is a growing movement of individuals who have pledged to the cause and has been active since 2011. They organise clean up exercises and workshops on being environment friendly and in that same year organised a march to demonstrate against pollution in the country where a 2 page petition was presented to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly. The planeteers also engage with schools to educate pupils on recycling waste.

For their efforts to contribute to protecting the environment through hands on activities and education, we celebrate the Ghana Planeteers as they earn their spot in our history book. In true captain planet style, remember  ‘the power is yours’.

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