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Black History Month Day 20: The Ghana Code Club

Black History Month Day 20: The Ghana Code Club

On day 20 0f Black History Month, we celebrate the Ghana Code Club.

Technology is here to stay and with it the ability to code. Knowledge of basic programming has become as much of a necessity as is the ability to read and write. Some countries have already incorporated this into the school curriculum and while this is not the case in Ghana (yet), we recognise an organisation getting started with the initiative, The Ghana Code Club.

The Ghana Code Club is on a mission to introduce primary school kids across the country to programming so they can embrace and develop these skills from a young age. The club runs after school activities where pupils try their hands on various computer science based activities using programming.

It is important as technology penetrates the world today, that we adapt it to the needs of our nation.  By introducing kids to programming skills earlier on, they will be in a position to better appreciate the technological world around them today and contribute to its applications. For the Ghana Code Club’s role in potentially making our kids digitally savvy, we celebrate them and book their spot in our history book.


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