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Black History Month Day 2: Lightyear Foundation

Black History Month Day 2: Lightyear Foundation

It’s day 2 of black history month and today we celebrate the lightyear foundation and their work in Ghana.

“What better way to inspire curiosity in school children than by tapping into their creative minds”

If you pay attention to the science scene in Ghana then you most certainly came across the press release about the Lab13 closing ceremony (view the pictures) and the recent grant secured from the Wellcome Trust to expand the pilot to other regions in the country. This is the latest project being run by the foundation in their quest to promote the use of practical science in schools with minimal resources.

Lightyear foundation debuted in Ghana in 2010 with an astronomy road tour and the impact on the kids meant it was time to unpack their bags and get comfortable. They returned a couple of years later with another road tour and have continued to make an appearance every year since. Over the period, the foundation has reached over 5000 students and worked with over 300 teachers through various practical science projects.

What better way to inspire curiosity in schools children than by tapping into their creative minds. With these numbers it only takes 10% or less of the kids reached to appreciate the basics of understanding how things work through hands on activities. In a few years’ time when the greatest scientific discovery comes from a 20 year old university student from Ghana, don’t be surprised if they pay homage to the lightyear foundation for influencing their love for science and igniting their curiosity.

A couple of the pupils who recently went through the Lab13 pilot project are already showing great promise after placing first at West Africa’s first ever Science Hack Day with their solar-powered backpack and power bank.

Lightyear foundation is here to stay and today we bookmark their spot in our history book.

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