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Black History Month Day 18: Turing Trust

Black History Month Day 18: Turing Trust

On day 18 of Black History Month, we celebrate the Turing Trust.


The Turing Trust has been operating in Ghana since 2009 with the simple aim of promoting education through technology. They provide IT equipment and resources to disadvantaged communities across the country by partnering with local groups. The Trust are also great believers of being green and as much as possible operate in an environmental friendly way. Through their program of recycling old computers and revamping them with new software and a library full of educational materials, schools in disadvantaged communities no longer have to make do with learning without resources.

There’s more to education than just providing equipment’s though, which is why the trust follow up with programs to help develop IT skills. With today’s generation fast moving into a future where everyday living is centred on technology, the Turing Trust is ensuring that those from disadvantaged communities are not left behind. By providing these communities with technology, they also have the opportunity to benefit from the digital era through education.

For making education through technology available for all, we celebrate the Turing Trust as they earn their spot in our history book.



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