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Black History Month Day 17: Innovate Ghana

Black History Month Day 17: Innovate Ghana

On day 17 of Black History Month, we celebrate Innovate Ghana.

Innovate Ghana runs an annual design challenge where students are tasked with designing solutions to existing problems in the Country and on the African continent. The aim is to get Ghanaians thinking about the practical applications of their theoretical knowledge to solving some of the country’s challenges.

The first challenge took place in 2013 where teams were to find innovate solutions to turning waste into profit. Last year the teams were to design low cost isolation units for Ebola affected countries and this year’s challenge was designed to tackle water and sanitation challenges.

Over the duration of the challenge, workshops are organised to introduce the team to engineering and design concepts and processes such as the use of computer aided design (CAD), manufacturing processes and entrepreneurship.

The challenge also encourages teamwork and cross disciplinary partnerships bringing together STEM students and professionals as well as others from the arts.

Perhaps a few years down the line some of the design concepts from the teams can be prototyped and optimised for everyday use. For the future of innovation in Ghana, we celebrate Innovate Ghana as they earn their spot in our history book.



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