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Black History Month Day 15: Green Ghanaian

Black History Month Day 15: Green Ghanaian

On day 15 of black history month, we celebrate the Green Ghanaian Initiative.

The Green Ghanaian Initiative was set up in 2010 to encourage the Ghanaian community have conversations about being green. They hope to encourage Ghanaians adopt a green culture through education, provide resources on being green and by organising green events thereby incorporating the green culture into everyday living.

With frequent cholera outbreaks, poor drainage systems, chronic sanitation and waste disposal challenges, green Ghanaian is reaching out and engaging with individuals by sparking conversations around these issues. The lack of the average Ghanaian adopting a green attitude is collectively contributing to the current state of the nation’s health and environmental issues. The Green Ghanaian Initiative hopes that by facing these challenges head on through conversation, then perhaps the general attitude to being green will change over time. If government and citizens are challenged enough times to own responsibility and face their involvement in these issue we will be a step closer to eradicating the cholera outbreaks, manage waste disposal and prevent future floods.

The mind they say is a powerful tool. For tapping into the conscience of Ghanaians to adopt a green culture, Green Ghanaian Initiative have earned their spot in our history book.

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