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Black History Month Day 14: Ketasco Mobile Learning Society

Black History Month Day 14: Ketasco Mobile Learning Society

It’s day 14 of black history month and today we’re celebrating the Ketasco Mobile Learning Society.

The Ketasco mobile learning society was established in 2014 with one agenda. To encourage the use of mobile devices in teaching and learning.

With the increase in mobile technology in the country, the society wants to educate both teachers and students on how this trend can be utilised to enhance teaching and learning. The group have organised various practical workshops around the town schools since inception to foster a better teacher – student experience through the application of mobile technology. The model works by the development of micro content units for the delivery of various subjects including the sciences. Some workshops organised include, the use of digital media to make lessons and assignments easily accessible, android programming for smart phones and the conversion of art into a digital format.

There’s no doubt the pupils who have the opportunity to engage with the mobile learning society will be doing a lot more with mobile technology aside its traditional use. Oh yes, and they have a drone for carrying out research projects

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