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Black History Month Day 12: MISE Foundation

Black History Month Day 12: MISE Foundation

It’s day 12 of Black History Month and today we celebrate MISE.

The MISE foundation has started a revolution to challenge the mathematical minds of our young people. The destination of its graduates is testament to its educational value. The foundation has been operating since 2009 and over the period has had great impact on many of the pupils who have gone through the program.

MISE runs a math research program where participants get to explore the beauty of mathematics through various applications. Its curriculum is designed to take the analytical, logical reasoning and problem solving approach to tasks. Aside the research program, MISE also prepares some of its best students to represent Ghana at the International Maths Olympiad. The program thrives on the ability to spot, groom and enhance talented minds that may not necessarily be apparent from our current educational curriculum.

MISE is moving the curriculum away from the traditional theoretical approach to the application of numbers in tackling problems. For this revolution, they have earned their place in our history book.

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