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Black History Month Day 11: Levers In Heels

Black History Month Day 11: Levers In Heels

It’s day 11 of Black History Month and today we celebrate Levers in Heels.


How does Yayra, a 13year old with a love for science get inspired to follow her dreams? When the school tells you engineering is for boys and others say technology is for the guys, how do you stay motivated to pursue your dreams?  For the girl behind the screen, it’s the post she read on the levers in heels blog about the lady on a mission to save Ghana’s frogs, or the young female graduate developing computer games?

Levers in heels is an online platform set up in 2013 to tell the stories of everyday women out there working in diverse STEM fields. They are giving a voice to the voiceless so that for Yayra, who has no role models in her network to look up to or someone who believes in her dreams to offer mentorship, her inspiration and motivation may come from the stories she reads on her screen.

Young girls have been in touch with levers in heels to endorse the platform based on the impact a post has had on them. For this reason, we secure their place in our history book.


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