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Last year, I had the honor of telling the world that Ananse was no longer a trickster! Well, guess what? Ananse is in the process of redeeming himself in Young At Heart’s 1.2 of Ananse The Teacher app..

Ananse the Teacher is a “Culture Meets Tech” gamified learning app which uses folklore and games to teach STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics) as well as Ghanaian culture. The app targets children in Upper Primary and Junior High School

Ananse had begun his journey as a teacher last year with the help of his wife, Okonoreyaa; his kids, Ntikuma, Etikelenkele (The big headed one), Efudwohyedwohye (The potbellied One) and Yaa Kohyia (Yaa The Skinny One). It all began when the mischievous Ananse is freed by 3 wise spiders; however he captures one of them, Nephina the Golden Orb Spider thinking he could get gold. But Nephina is able to convince him to become a teacher which he agrees to, but on one condition…only if he sees the land of gold at the end of this task. Filled with the desire of reaching the land of gold, Ananse agrees to teach kids Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) – and so enters Ananse the Teacher.

The gamified learning app had over 2000 downloads from all over the world majority being in Ghana. The minds behind the app are proud to introduce 2 exciting new games; Recycle Mania which focuses on inculcating waste management attitudes like recycling and Captain Sticky which teaches kids about the different food groups alongside getting kids to look at Agriculture as a fun venture.


Also IOS users felt left out so the team has come out with both the android and IOS version. This time around, exciting new STEAM activities attached to each story are going to be released every 2 weeks bringing unique and fresh learning activities for kids to explore!

In over 10 months, Young At Heart GH has reached out to about 3000 users with version 1.0 through downloads (via Android Play Store) and physical engagements introducing users to it during fairs.

Young at Heart Gh at the Ghana Science Museum


According to Josephine Marie Godwyll, Co-founder of Young At Heart GH “One of the most positive moments was parents asking us for new content because their kids were enjoying the app so much and they had finished going through the stories already. We have addressed this by releasing more activities for each story as well as the 2 new games.

Young At Heart GH started off as volunteer team based on campus the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Over the past few years, they focused on championing Digital Literacy and its utilisation as an educational tool to improve the learning experiences of the African Child. Ananse The Teacher app was developed to meet the lacking need of an app/software specifically created with and for the Ghanaian (and to a large extent, the African) child.

The Young at Heart team recognizes the powerful tool storytelling is and thus set out to use the Ananse stories we grew up hearing to teach the STEAM we learn from the classroom.  “Kids learn without even knowing it and they will come to believe that science is never too far from them” Dr. Thomas Tagoe (PhD) who contributed to the science content commented.

Tourism plays a key role in Ghana and its beauty cannot be portrayed only through her culture.  This app has taken tourism to a whole different level allowing children (and parents) from all over the world to explore and learn about many tourist sites in Ghana and have fun at the same time.  This has never been done before in Ghana and the fact that it combines folklore and academic work makes it unique.

Visit the Google Play Store or the App Store to download now!





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