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A day in the life of A RESIDENT IN PSYCHIATRY

A day in the life of A RESIDENT IN PSYCHIATRY

Name: Alberta Nsiah Asamoah

Qualification: Medical Doctor/ Resident in psychiatry

Secondary School/s attended: St. Rose’s senior high school

Tertiary Institution/s attended: School of Medical Sciences, K.N.U.S.T


  • I got in to my job by first completing medical school. When this was done, I wrote an exam to start a residency programme in psychiatry hence my current role as a resident in psychiatry


  • My day usually starts at 7:30am and ends at 4pm


  • On a typical day, I get into work and review cases on the ward. Perform procedures for the day and then start the Out Patient Department (OPD) clinic for the day. I also see referrals from other departments/wards which requires my attention as a resident in psychiatry


  • The best part of my job is seeing sudden remarkable improvements in a patient’s condition shortly after initiating treatment. Their progress is very rewarding


  • The worst part of my job is when a patient is not responding to treatment. Especially when I have done everything I know how and at my wits end


  • My memorable moments are quite a few and usually involves dramatic transformation in a patient who hitherto had lost hope. Typically in these instances, the next time they come for review they are so excited and smiling. At such moments I can’t even recognise them and they always have to say “oh Doctor don’t you remember me? I am the one who ….” This is always a memorable moment for me as it gives true value to the work I do


  • Outside of work I spend quality time with friends and I also enjoy exercising


  • My advise  to you as a students is this, no interest or talent is too small. Develop yourself through hardwork and discipline. Finally, remain focused and don’t forget to have fun doing whatever your hands find to do

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