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A Day with Planet Earth (part 1)

A Day with Planet Earth (part 1)

The Planet Earth Institute on Tuesday 21st July organised a Science in Africa themed Unconference at the prestigious design and communications college, Ravensbourne in London.


As terrible as I can be with navigating my way, I luckily bumped into a wonderful lady who happened to be heading my way.  And as proud as we can all be of institutions we are associated with she didn’t hesitate to sell me Ravensbourne by highlighting that it is ranked 6th in the UK and 27th in the world for art and design while dropping names of celebrities who have been through the college. The building certainly lived up to its name with the beautiful architecture.


Planet Earth prides itself in building a movement for science and technology in Africa and they didn’t fail to convey that message across with an excellent line up of expert panellist and interactive workshops to harness the flow of ideas and ponder over question raised about the role of Science and Technology in Africa’s economic development. The chairperson for the event Rt Hon Lord Paul Boateng a trustee of the Planet Earth Institute was his usual bubbly self as he mc’d the unconference from his welcome address through to its closing.

planet Earth 3

I’ll be bringing you a selection of the talks so you’re a part of the Science and technology movement in Africa. In the mean time here’s a summary storify from the day.


Thanks to Planet Earth Institute for a great event.







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