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Name: Darlington Ahiale Akogo

Secondary School/s attended: Chemu Snr High School

Tertiary Institution/s attended: None (Self Taught)



  • I got into my job by studying Artificial Intelligence and brainstorming about solutions to the various problems in our society especially related to Healthcare. I then put together a team of Engineers and Researchers from around the world and we developed Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Cloud Computing solutions to Healthcare.  



  • My day usually starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 4:00 AM



  • On a typical day, I spend my mornings speaking with minoHealth’s current and potential Healthcare, Tech, Science and Business partners since I’m also the Founder. This is either over the phone or in private meetings. When it’s noon, I make preparations on my next schedules and plans, then I get some updates from my team and research collaborators on our ongoing projects. I then start developing and training Artificial Intelligence(Neural Networks and Machine Learning) models until as late as 4 AM. I skip breakfast and lunch in order to maintain this schedule (it’s not as bad as it sounds, staying just hydrated rather keeps me clear minded and energised) and I take periodic short breaks and naps in order to avoid getting fatigued.




  • The best part of my job is working with new datasets from various domains (Biotechnology, Optometry, Epidemiology etc) and training Deep Neural Networks on them, which either ends up as research papers or part of the main minoHealth system.




  • The worst part of my job is cleaning poorly structured data. Sometimes the datasets I work on with my Research collaborators might have a lot of bad samples and so I have to spend hours sanitising them with code or worse, painstakingly removing them one at a time, especially with images.




  • A memorable moment I have had was recently working with synthetic scaffolds with our resident Biotechnologist, Xavier Lewis Palmer and training a Convolutional Neural Network for it to be able to get an accuracy score as high as 99.44%. We then published a paper on it in Cornell University’s arXiv.




  • Outside of work, I read manga and books from various disciplines  (Computer Science, Physics, Architecture, Design/Art, Cinematography, Economics etc). I watch anime, really good movies and TV series, including films from the 40s to 60s like Twilight Zone.



  • My advise is to look around you, find faults and problems and start challenging yourself to come up with solutions then try solving them. If you lack the specific skills, remember almost all skills are just a book or two away. Work with only great people that complement your skillset and challenge you. Ultimately, you should be driven by curiosity and passion. With that, there’s very little you won’t eventually accomplish even if the odds are stacked against you. Be childlike and imaginative. All novel great works require some childlike naiveté and normalised silliness.


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