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A Day In The Life Of A Research Fellow

Name: Gloria Amegatcher

Qualification: PhD, MSc, BSc and HND

Secondary School/s attended: St Mary’s Secondary School

Tertiary Institution/s attended: Accra Polytechnic, KNUST, University of Nottingham and University of Edinburgh

  • After submission of my thesis, I was approached by one of the principal investigators at University of Edinburgh who introduced me to a job vacancy available in Ghana and asked if it was something I would like to apply since it was based in my home country. I followed the application proceedings and went for interview and got the job.
  • My day usually starts at 8: 00 am and ends after 6:00 pm. Usually go beyond these time frames depending on the work schedule.
  • On a typical day, I come into the office to plan my daily activities. Set period for laboratory group meetings, seminars,workshops etc. and allocate time for my experiments as well
  • The best part of my job is generating data that make meaningful contributions to improve healthcare. Thus, decision makers use our data to inform a control/ treatment regime for a particular health issue which made a great impact on humanity.
  • The worst part of my job is when experiments do not go well as expected and troubleshooting takes forever to figure out the problem.
  • A memorable moment I have had providing all logistics needed for an undergraduate student’s project and supervising her work to get quality data for her dissertation and attaining certain qualities to help her pursue her masters program abroad.
  • To succeed in my profession, the most important skills are critical thinking, self management and multitasking and team player.
  • Outside of work I enjoy cooking and doing charitable work: helping the aged, less privileged and orphans by providing medical screening,donating food and clothes and also embark on empowerment and mentorship programs for students and pupils.
  • My advise is, Be God fearing, trustworthy, follow your passion and work towards it without allowing anyone to kill your dreams.