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Name: Peter Asare-Nuamah

Qualification: PhD (Governance and Regional Integration)

Secondary School/s attended: Prempeh College

Tertiary Institution/s attended: University of Ghana (BA), Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India (MPA), Pan African University, Cameroon (PhD)



  • I got in to my job by hard work and the desire to contribute to make Africa a better place for us all. I reviewed the African Union Agenda 2063 and spotted how best I can contribute in addressing the challenges of climate change in Africa. This won me the African Union’s Pan African University Scholarship to pursue a PhD. For the Next Einstein Forum (NEF), as a Social Scientist, I spotted a gap between science and policy in Africa and hence convinced the NEF Team that by addressing the identified gap scientific innovations can have meaningful and life changing impact in Africa


  • My day usually starts at 6am and ends at 10pm


  • On a typical day, work starts at 6am and continues until 3am when I go to bed. On such a day, I plan out my day with the list of activities and the targets to be achieved. I try as much as possible to hit my targets before I rest for the day. As a researcher, I spend most of my day and time working on my laptop. As such, I plan how long to sit, what articles to read and which websites to update myself on national and international news. I read posts from the Economist, do some push up and sit ups, take a walk mostly after sunset then talk on the phone with family and friends. Before going to bed, I crosscheck my list to identify the achieved and unachieved targets. I must state that my day begins with God and ends with God through prayer and reading the Bible 


  • The best part of my job is when I meet with local stakeholders to identify their challenges and propose ways to address them. Traveling from village to village to immerse in the social settings of rural dwellers in order to understand them gives me great joy and fulfilment


  • The worst part of my job is when as a result of spending too much time on my job, I get less time for family and friends 


  • A memorable moment I have had is when I attended the biennial Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda as the NEF Ghana Ambassador. I was excited to meet great scientists making great impact around the world. We exchanged views, dissected issues and proposed solutions to human challenges particularly in the African context.  It arouse the giant in me and gave me the confidence that yes we can make Africa in particularly and the world in general a better place for humanity. Come and have the same memory with us as we celebrate the maiden edition of the NEF Africa Week in Ghana in September (26-29). Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) lovers and innovators cannot afford to miss this great gathering and celebration in Ghana (We all have that memorable experience on the job, tell us yours)


  • Outside of work I coach people, watch series, discuss with friends on social development issues, peruse papers for friends, surf the internet and watch football


  • My advice is that everyone should be a part in building our nation and continent’s reputation and not its destruction because we all have something unique in us to give/contribute. Just like me, you may not be in the STEM field but have passion for it, pursue it until it is achieved.

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