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Name: Dr. Patrick Amoateng

Qualification: Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm.), PhD (Pharmacology)

Secondary School/s attended: Prempeh College

Tertiary Institution/s attended: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology


  • I got into my job after my PhD in 2011. I love to teach and thus immediately after my first degree in Pharmacy, I accepted to do an MPhil/PhD program at KNUST, where I had the first degree. I was among the first cohort of PhD students to be fully trained at the
    Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, KNUST, Kumasi.


  • My day usually starts at 8:00 A.M and ends at 5:00 PM.


  • On a typical day, I check my emails firstly, respond to them and write down my plan of work for the day (usually a list on paper or sometimes into my diary), then I begin the day. If I have a lecture that day, I go over my lecture notes and prepare when it is about
    an hour to the lecture. My meeting with my postgraduate or undergraduate project research students is done usually through an agreement to a specific convenient time. Such meeting involvement a presentation of their proposals, research protocol or results discussion. There are days, I go to the laboratory to either conduct experiments myself or oversee my students working on their project research.


  • The best part of my job is when a student presents interesting results from an experiment, or when my manuscript gets published or when I receive notification of a grant award.


  • The worst part of my job is when a student or a colleague is treated unfairly or when experiments do not go the way we anticipated.


  • A memorable moment I have had was when I won my first research grant from the International Foundation for Science (IFS) in Sweden in 2012.


  • Outside of work I am involved a youth ministry at church. I also work as a Treasurer to the Convention of Biomedical Research, Ghana; as president to the Ghana Neuroscience Society and currently as the Country Coordinator for the Western Africa Network of Natural Product Scientists (WANNPRES).


  • My advice is “If you have to chase a heavenly body, aim at the sun, if you do not get the sun you will definitely get the moon”. In simple language, strive for the best all the time. Live at peace with everyone, invest in people and above all fear God.

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